Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould

Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould - We are a factory specializing in the production of high-quality injection moulded beach toys for kids.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Mould Cavity
Single Cavity
Plastic Material
Process Combination Type
Compound Die
Child Toy
Hot Runner
Design Software
After-sales Service
Mould Steel
2344 Vacuum Hardening
Mould Base
Mould Size
Mould Weight
Machine Tonnage
Demould Type
Robot Hand
Lead Time
45 Days
Transport Package
Wooden Box
Taizhou Huangyan
HS Code
Production Capacity
500 Sets/Year

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
37.00cm * 42.00cm * 43.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Mould Name
Plastic Water Container  Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould

Mould Specifications
Part Resin PP
Part Size φ150mm
Mould Steel 2344 vacuum hardening
Mould Base 60#
Mould Cavity 1
Runner System Hot runner 1 drop
Demould Type Robot Hand
Mould Size 370*420*438mm
Mould Weight 405KG
Suited Machine Tonnage High-speed machine 160T
Lead Time 45 days

Product &. Mould Design

What is a good mould? It must have good quality to meet production requests stable and smoothly, and no need to spend too much time & cost on maintenance and repair.

A good mould design is a critical start. SWY MOULD has 6 designers in total with more than 10 years of experience, they always pay special attention to customers' specifications and details by thinking about the cost-saving solution based on stable and good quality. Their years of experience in exporting moulds gives them great knowledge of global mould standards and quality demands.
Software related:

Mould Flow: Mould Flow Analysis

3D Modeling: Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, Solidworks

2D Drawing: Auto-CAD, E-drawing
The following international data format works OK for us:

2D drawing files: dwg, dxf, edrw

3D drawing files: step, Igs, X-T, prt, sldprt

Final Product &. Mould
Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould

Shipment of plastic injection mould in SWY
1. After we get our customer's confirmation for shipment, we attach a plate to the mould: this shows the product's serial number, production year, and mould information.

2. At this stage we paint the mould with anti-rust oil, and then we wrap it safely in a plastic bubble bag for protection.

3. We nail the package as necessary to ensure that mould reaches customers safely.

4. We put the package in a wooden case to protect it during shipping.

5. We nail the wooden case carefully and stick the marks to ensure that mould reaches customers safely and quickly.

6. For Any other points that need to pay attention to we will make a file and print it, and send it with mould together.

About Our Taizhou Saiweiyue Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd
1. Specialized in plastic injection moulds
Taizhou Saiweiyue Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing injection moulds and plastic products, which is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, the China mould town. All of the moulds are designed by our professional technicians using UG, Pro/E software, and a whole set of advanced and mature technology in CAD/CAE/CAM. We have mould technicians with working experience of more than 20 years, who have been making different kinds of moulds. Besides, we are willing to act as an agent for you in producing plastic parts.
Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould
2. Equipped with full tooling machines
SWY Mould has advanced tooling equipment in order to make sure our mould quality and mould precision. We have 5-axis High-Speed CNC Milling Machines, Gantry High-Speed CNC Milling Machines, Large/middle/small Die Spotting Machines, CNC High-Speed Engraving Machines, Mirror Electric Spark(EDM), Precision Electric Spark(EDM), Slow-feeding Wire-cutters Machines, Medium-feeding Wire-cutters Machines, Precision Grinding Machine, Drilling Machine, etc. We hold the belief that high-precision tooling equipment can make sure mould quality. We not only provide technical support for our customers but also offer them a complete solution in the plastic injection moulding industry.
Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould
3. Having a nice environment in the workshop
With the principle of 5S(SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SETKETSU, SHITSUKE), our workshop environment is kept clean, and all the tools and parts must be put in order, and everything is under a very good management system. We believe a good working environment can make working more efficient, ensure mould quality, and also fasten mould delivery at the same time.

4. Providing good quality moulds
We promise to offer you top-quality moulds with real-quality steel, strict heat treatment, and serious control. We focus on product and mould construction design and insist on making moulds durable and easy maintenance. For all of our moulds, we use international standard mould spare parts, to ensure complete moulds' accuracy and durability. At the same time, greatly shorten mould delivery and be convenient for mould maintenance and spare part change, such as JunFan cylinder from Taiwan,  Japan Daido springs and Korea Samsol springs,  Brevini hydraulic motor from Denmark, Misumi, Hasco, DME, etc.
We're sincere in inviting your visit, communication and cooperation, and are looking forward to being your excellent mould supplier!

Feedback From SWY Customers
Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould

SWY MOULD Common FAQ For Our Customers
Q1: Are you a trading company or mould manufacturer?
A1: We are a mould manufacturer, we have our own mould factory located in Huangyan, Taizhou. We are making plastic injection moulds, also with mould mass production service.

Q2: How to go to your factory?
From Shanghai-3 hours by train; from Guangzhou-2 hours by aeroplane; from Wenzhou-1 hour by train; from Ningbo-1 hour by train; from Hangzhou-2 hours by train; our factory to Luqiao airport is around 1 hour, and to Taizhou train station is around 20 minutes.
You can send the information about the flight or train to us, we can arrange to pick you up. If needed, we can book a nice hotel at a reasonable price for you first. Welcome to contact us, and we will offer you the most thoughtful arrangements.

Q3: How long is your delivery time?

A3: Generally about 35-55 working days, we will fast as soon as possible under the premise of good quality mould.

Q4: How about your after-sale service?
A4: The mould warranty period is 3 years (without damage caused by human factors or accidents), later for mould-wearing spare parts we can help you purchase and send you.

Q5: I have an idea for a new product, but don't know if it can be manufactured, can you help?
A5: Yes, sure! We can design and make 3D printing samples for your assembly. After you confirm, we will begin working, if necessary, we will provide a DFM report or Mold-flow analysis.

Q6: Can you help us ship the plastic mould?
A6: Yes, with honour. We have a long-term cooperate shipping company and give you the best price we can get. Also, you can ask your own shipping forwarders, we will help you deal with other documents. SWY MOULD has our own export and import rights, we are familiar with exporting plastic moulds to customers.

If you need more plastic children's toy mould, please click here;  for more information, please contact us.

What's a good mould-making company?
Here SWY MOULD would like to discuss with you how to find a good mould-making company in China.
Being a plastic injection mould maker today means more than just cutting steel.
A plastic mould maker should support his injection moulding customer from the beginning of a new part concept right through to mass production of the parts, especially when trying to reduce cycle times by using plastic injection moulds.
The mould maker should know what questions to ask and be on the lookout for part design issues that could make moulding and mould construction difficult. Changes made at the early stages could save the moulder thousands of dollars in waste in terms of rejects and slow cycle times. This means the customers can make more money, get the jobs completed sooner, and won't suffer the stress and headaches associated with poor decision-making that often happens at the start of a product development cycle.
The plastic mould maker should also be present during mould commissioning. Most often new moulds have not been tested in a production environment and they will usually have some minor issues that relate to mould manufacture. The mould maker needs to see the effect on production and discuss with the customer the best way to fix it. Another reason why a mould maker should be present during commissioning is to ensure water circuits are connected correctly. Water circuits must not be looped as this can cause part quality problems such as warpage. If customers can't come to our factory for mould testing, SWY MOULD will take videos and send machine setting parameters sheets to customers for reference. Later if there are any problems during customer mass production, SWY MOULD will instruct and give professional advice.
Process of making plastic injection mould in SWY MOULD:
Plastic Water Container Sand Pail Mold Child Summer Beach Toys Injection Mould Balance price with quality. Do your research and pay a bit more to get a mould that will produce quality plastic parts consistently. Low price is not the final pursuit, we need to consider better cost performance. So more details you need to discuss with mould company about your project. Welcome to contact Shine, we will let you know more about the plastic injection mould technology and the way to achieve better value for your money and time.

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