Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup

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In-Mould Labelling, or IML, is a popular form of product labeling that has gained rapid popularity in the packaging industry. This technique involves directly placing a label on to the package during the manufacturing process, creating a seamless and high-quality product.

The Orange Peel IML Ice Cream Cup is a new example of the product, with a design that is beautiful and eye-catching. The orange peel pattern on the cup is attractive and adds an element of fun to the ice cream eating experience.

But the Orange Peel IML Ice Cream Cup is much more than just a pretty design. It is made of high-quality materials that keep your ice cream fresh and tasty. The durable and sturdy design ensures that you can easily hold it without worries of it caving in or breaking apart.

Furthermore, IML technology means that the cup is not just an ordinary ice cream cup, but a sustainable product as well. It is made of 100% recyclable materials, which is sure to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

In conclusion, the Orange Peel IML Ice Cream Cup is a great choice for those who want to indulge in their favorite frozen treat while also enjoying a high-quality, sustainable product. With its fun design and innovative technology, this ice cream cup is a must-try for all ice cream lovers.


1.Mainly used in the appearance or decoration of plastic products.
2.Up to 10 colors.
3.Thickness is 18-110 micron.
4.It's more safe for container.
5.It's firm, water-proof , Anti-UV and with a cleaner and brighter color.
6.Withstand the test of high temperature and pressure.


1.We accept customized and sample is free.
2.The size of product can be sized.
3.Guarantee: 1 year.
4.You can enjoy one-stop service, including design,printing,segmentation,packaging,delivery.

Please let me know:

1.What is your product?
2.Could you provide label design? AI/PS/PDF/CDR
3. Our own Factory can make the new designs and OEM according to customer requirement.

If u are interested in any product or have any questions, kindly send me message freely.

Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup

The difference between metallic silver and bright silver for IML

1.Metallic silver is a popular option for those looking for a high-quality, premium look. It has a rich and classic appearance that can add a touch of luxury to any product. The metallic finish gives off a shimmering effect, almost like tiny metallic particles have been mixed into the silver color. This can make labels look very beautiful and visually appealing. The metallic finish also has a reflective quality to it, which can help catch the light and make the label stand out.

2.bright silver is a bright, shiny, and reflective finish. It is a more traditional silver look that is also very popular in the labeling industry. This type of finish is often used for products that require a clean, sleek, and modern look. The bright silver finish is also very versatile and can be paired well with a range of other colors or design elements.

Ultimately, the choice between metallic silver and bright silver comes down to personal preference and the intended use of your label. Metallic silver is a more premium look, while bright silver is brighter and more traditional. Regardless of which option you go with, both metallic silver and bright silver can help create a standout product label that catches the eye and enhances your brand image.

IML characteristic  
Printing type Gravure printing, up to 10 colors
Ink DIC environment-friendly ink ,brighter color ,perfect performance<imported from Japan>
Grade Food grade
High temperature resistance Good temperature resistance<the injection port will not be black or broken>
 Free samples  Free samples are available anytime
Advantage Scrap rate is low<high quality>

Possible reasons for IML label wrinkles during injection molding.
Analysis from the label:

1) The label punching size does not match the mold. If the label size is larger than the mold size, the label itself will have wrinkles when placed in the mold.
2) The label thickness is not enough. If the label is not thick enough, it is easy to wrinkle. Generally used for large products such as barrels, desktops, cabinets, etc., the recommended thickness is greater than 70 microns.
3) The label is not hard enough. Or the density of the material inside the film is not enough. Insufficient hardness or density of the label causes the label itself to be weak and prone to wrinkles.
4) The label and mold are not perfectly combined during the injection molding process. The label was not placed in the correct position causing wrinkles during the injection molding process.

Analysis from the injection molding process:

1) Improper temperature. If the temperature during the injection molding process is inappropriate, such as too high or too low, it will cause the label to wrinkle during the injection molding process.
2) Uneven pressure. If the pressure distribution of the injection molding machine is uneven, it will cause uneven pressure during label injection and produce wrinkles.
3) Injection molding process problems. The setting of injection molding process parameters will also affect the quality of label injection molding. If the injection speed is too fast or too slow, the pressure and temperature of the injection molding machine are inappropriate, etc., wrinkles may occur.

Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup
Low Price in Mould Labeling of Orange Peel for Ice Cream Cup

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