Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Hongchuan is a leading factory in mold design for plastic injection bathroom toilet seat and cover family molds. Our expertise ensures quality products and customer satisfaction.
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Product Description

Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould
Hongchuan Mould is a highly reputable and experienced manufacturer of plastic injection molds, specializing in a wide range of products including household molds, furniture molds, and industrial molds. With a commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, we have become a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of molds such as chair molds, table molds, bucket molds, basket molds, dustbin molds, storage box molds, baby bathtub molds, flowerpot molds, crate molds, washbasin molds, drawer molds, stool molds, baby set molds, laundry basket molds, pallet molds, trash can molds, spoon molds, knife molds, fork molds, thin wall box molds, and cap molds. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers is dedicated to designing and producing molds that meet the most demanding specifications.
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Product Description

Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

The toilet seat cover mould is a meticulously designed and precision-crafted tool used in the manufacturing process of toilet seat covers. This essential component comprises a hinged unit, featuring a round or oval open seat along with a lid, securely bolted onto the toilet bowl. The seat itself is ergonomically contoured, ensuring optimal comfort for the user, while the lid effectively covers the toilet when not in use.

To guarantee the utmost quality and longevity of the final product, it is imperative to prioritize the flawless appearance of the toilet seat. For this reason, we recommend utilizing superior-grade steel for the main body of the mould, enhancing its strength and durability. By employing advanced precision processes and impeccable polishing techniques, our moulds ensure a seamless finish, eliminating any irregularities that might cause discomfort or scratches during usage. Moreover, this meticulous attention to detail significantly extends the lifespan of the mould, enabling prolonged and consistent production.

Furthermore, manufacturing a complete set of plastic toilet seats injection moulds necessitates the utilization of seven distinct plastic injection moulds. It is essential to meticulously consider the assembly between all the components to ensure the creation of a high-quality, fully functional plastic toilet seat. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each component seamlessly integrates with one another, resulting in a superior and aesthetically pleasing end product.

Choose our toilet seat cover moulds for exceptional quality, durability, and precision, ensuring the creation of toilet seats that perfectly complement any bathroom style.

The total weight of the whole set plastic toilet seat is 650g, made by PP.  The two plastic injection moulds of main body are made 1 cavity with one tip hot runner. As for the rest of the components we apply cold runner and 4 cavities. Seven moulds plus a 125 and 350 ton plastic injection machine is sufficient to manufacture a plastic toilet seat, which is really a good investment while the toilet seat is so high demand on markets.

Product Parameters
1. The perfect mold structure can ensure the quality of the toilet cover;
2. The designed waterway can shorten the cooling time;
3. The polishing technology provided by Hongchuan mould can ensure the perfect surface of the product and improve the success rate of demolding;
4. The design of runners and gates can reduce the waste of raw materials;
5. All components are completed by CNC lathes, high-speed milling, and other processing equipment. Hongchuan Mould has more than 18 years of production experience in this area, and the molds produced are of high precision.
Mould materialHardnessMould life
P20HRC 28-33>300,000 shots
718HRC 33-36>500,000 shots
H13HRC >43>800,000 shots
2344HRC >48>800,000 shots
S136HRC 48-52>1,000,000 shots
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Mould NamePlastic Turnover Crate Box Injection Moulds
Mold MeterialP20,2738,718H,NAK80,2316,S136,H13,etc
Mold BaseSelf-mad:LKM:DME
RunnerCold runner and hot runner
Hot Runner BrandChinabrand:HASCO:YUDO and so on
Degsin SoftwareUG:Aoto CAD and so on
Mold Life50-500 million Shots/ 5-6 years, Even in 10 years in good maintenance
T1 Time45-60 days
PackageWooden Case
Warranty Period1 year or 1 million shot times(in this period, if the mold have problem,
 we will offer the parts or service by free, but not include the problems cased by wrong operation)
Mould Precision+/-0.01mm
Mould CavitySingle Cavity, Multi-cavity
Gate TypePinpoint Gate, Edge Gate, Sub Gate, Film Gate, Valve Gate, Open Gate, etc.
Mould Surface TreatmentEDM, texture, high gloss polishing
Quality SystemISO9001,SGS,TS16949
HS Code8480719090
OriginMade in China
SpecificationDepends on customer's requirements
Mold Cooling Systemwater cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.
Mold Hot Treatmentquencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family MouldOrder Confirm: If you confirm the order, please sign and stamp the contract and send it back to us.After receiving your down                                payment, that we will arange the next step. 

Data Measuring: If you would like to make the mould according to your original samples, we will arrange the data measuring                                  based on your samples, and provide the product 3D drawing for your reference. If you approval it, then continue to the next stamp. 

Project analysis: We will arrange the meeting to analyze your project and provide the DFM report to you to provide the                                           suitable injection mold solutions to you to make the smmoth production.
Mould Design: We have 9 senior designers with more than 13 years experience in mould design and familiarity with UG,Pro-                                E,CAD etc. softwares. to provide the matured design with suitable solutions for your approval before we start mould tooling.

CNC Tooling:  After Customer confirm the mould design, we will preparing the mould steel to start the mould tooling.                                          Hongchuan Mould has a sets of complete  advanced tooling equipments to ensure the mould quality and                 precision. such as below:

5 Axis High-Speed CNC Milling Machines
High- Speed CNC Milling Machines
Large/Small Clamping Machines
High Speed Engraving Machines
Double-Head EDM Machines
Wire-cutting Machines
Deep Drilling Machines
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Our team will update the tooling processing to you once a week. 

QC Inspector: Professional tooling technology training and machine maintenance 
                        Self-inspection of tooling work piece and acceptance check made by quality department;
                        Ratinal work shifts system and tooling control system.
QC department should make product inspection within 24 hours and submit the testing report to relevant departments including the  full range test and analysis for product size,appearance, injection techniques and Physical Parameter. 

Company Profile

Taizhou Hongchuan Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of large-scale injection molds based in China who is specialized in plastic products developing, injection mould design in  Automotive Parts Moulds, Household Products Moulds, Home Appliances Injection Moulds, and daily necessities Moulds, and professional research. Our one-stop service includes mould design, manufacturing, and processing of semi-finished products.

With a complete sales network and customer channels established in Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions, we have become a trusted supplier of injection molds worldwide.

Our team consists of 45 experienced employees, including highly skilled designers, project managers, and fabrication technicians. We are committed to ensuring the success of all our projects and providing excellent customer service.

Hongchuan Mould has the professional technical teams with advanced CAD/CAE/CAM/SOLIDWORK/ PRO-E/UG software assited project product analysis and mould deisgn, combined with efficient, high-precision processing equipments to achieve digital processing,grid quality control, on time delivery and excellent after-sales service. 
To maintain the highest standards of quality, we have imported advanced tooling equipment, including Sodick mirror EDM machines, wire cutting machines, 5-axis machining centers, and mold clamping machines.

At Hongchuan Mould, we welcome all friends to visit, guide, and negotiate business. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service and top-quality products.
Hongchuan Mold Design for Plastic Injection Bathroom Toilet Seat +Cover Family Mould

Mould for T155 days
Mould Deliver Time60 days
Mould InstallationFixed
Mould HS CODE8480719090
PackageWooden Case, mould would be Fixed inside
TransportationBy Air or By Sea
PaymentT/T, CIF



Q: Are you mould factory?
A: Yes, Hongchuan Mould  is established in 2016 with our own worshop and office.To provide our customer a complete on-stop service.We have our own              production flow from the procurement of steel preparations to five-axis milling machine, CNC tooling machine, lathe machine, fine carving machine, electric discharging machine, graphiting machine, slow wiring machine, wire cutting machine, etc., and then to mold installation.
Q: What kind of mould you can make?
A:  Household parts mould : Plastic Basket Mould, Plastic Storage Box Mould, Chair &Table Mould, etc...
     Appliance parts  mould: Fan Mould,Air Conditioner Mould,Washing Machine Mould,TV Mould,Cooler Mould etc....
     Automotive parts mould :Bumper Mould, Grill Mould,Interior Parts Mould,etc....
    Thin-wall parts mould: Food Container Mould,Ice-Cream Mould, Cup Mould,etc.. 
     Industry parts mould:Plastic Pallet Moulds, Dustbin Moulds,Crate MouldS, Transportation Moulds,etc...
   Pipe Fitting Mould: 
Collapsible Core Elbow Mould, PPR Pipe Fitting Mould,PVC Pipe Fitting Mould, Tee Mould,etc...
We Customized the Plastic Injection Moulds according customers requirements.If you would like to make the Injection Moulds, Welcome!

Q: What about your payment terms?
A: 50% down payment in advance, and the balance will be paid before shipment.
Q: How long to finish a mould?
A: Mostly will be finished in 45 days, but some complex and big mould will spent more time.
    According to your order quantity,the delivery time will be different,but all based on the what kind of material that suitable for your mould solutions. We will be very surportive in delivery if client has unchangeable promotion plan.

Q: How long of the mould warranty period?
A: The mould warranty period for 1 year(Damage caused by human factors or accident are not within the the scope of warranty), and wearing parts will send to you for free.

Hongchuan Mould are warmly welcome all friends from domestic and overseas to have a visit at our factory.
Contact us now to begin sourcing. 

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